act as if

by Killer Dale

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we've been tryin real hard
and we really love everyone who listens to this
cause we put a lot o' love into it.


released December 21, 2016

Deej O'loane - All of it
Rog Siver - Guitar
Fionn Hunter-Green - Bass
Elijah Poston - Drums
Recorded Across New Orleans LA

Muscle Beach
Paul Schoen - Mixing/Mastering
Zoe Blair - Artwork
Pat Fleming & David Chen - Kiwi Video




Killer Dale New Orleans, Louisiana

it's happy, it's sappy, and it's a little bit crappy-- it's Killer Dale.

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Track Name: Under Control
sit down, kick back, relax
and think of ways that you could be
someday, back then, right now
you'll wonder to yourself, should we?
which brings us right back here, and it's clear
all the times that we had, good and the bad,
I'm not mad.

well we've made it here,
and it's really not that bad,
got it all under control.
we are in the clear,
and in spite of what I said,
all the people that I told
what do we have here?
man, I came here to shred,
so let's fucking rock and roll.

we've been so good to you, we've changed so
now we're free
a burning sun, damned straight to hell
yeah, we know we're weird.
Track Name: Midnight Doorbell
midnight doorbell, creep between my eyelids
swear you won't tell, boy you'll make the same mistakes that I did
since I have grown, this all that I've known
but I'm looking for an explanation of my own.

scene straight from a dream
open my eyes, it's the only thing I can see
oh, she weighs my head so
but I don't let it show

midnight doorbell, weather's getting cold out
feelin let down, but these things are gonna work themselves out
gimme a clue as to what I should do
there's an answer that I haven't found

oooo, yeaaaah, waowaowaowa, ey ya
may I tell them?
Track Name: Grand Design
day is done, had my fun
can't stop chewing on my tongue
could a secondary thought be called a heresy?
though it's not a bitter thought,
it comes across my head a lot
man, I'm sorry, but this ain't no fuckin charity

all these little lines are part of a grand design
so tell me just one more time
like we're little flies
'cept for the fact we're blind
we crash into walls and cry
unless maybe we're lucky and get a second try
if you ask me, i surely will never tell a lie

I'll climb a tree, and there I'll be
no society for me
my mom told me to get down before I hurt myself.
now I'm grown, but still O'Loane
and I can't help but think that maybe I was wrong about a lot of things.

and I just wanna go back home and see my family
so have some common decency and set me free, oh let me be
and it's like we're on a farm, but we're all locked up in the barn
now I'll never make it home in time for holiday.
Track Name: Wastoid
well, it's kind of a bummer that I'm feeling dumber by the day
'cause the way that I live's got me backed into a corner in a way

and I don't know the words to say
'cept I ain't no wastoid man, no way

leave your name and your number and I'll try to remember to reply
but if I don't remember, my mistake, but now you know why
so do I have to try to rely on a half baked lie?

I ain't no wastoid man, not today
Track Name: Caught
I will not tell you why
I could not look you right in the eyes.
if I had a dime for every time that I lied, I'd be well on my way.
wouldn't it be a drag
if we had a tune for the chances we had?
it's not my fault that I'm hopelessly caught
between a rock and a hard place I made of my thoughts

say, whattaya know?
tell me it ain't so.

sometimes my path don't feel right
makes me get worried in the middle of the night
it's not my fault that we kicked and we fought for no reason to recall.
and wouldn't it be a drag
if we had a tune for the chances we had?
it's not my fault, now it's too late, so long.
Track Name: Not Me, My Friend
"with a little luck, things will pick up"
is just a lie, you have to try
'cause life.

if I've said once, I've said it least a million times,
that I'll be fine
'cause that's how we get by.

and I'm not gonna act the fool again
no, it ain't gonna be me this time, my friend
oh I'm not gonna go that way again
no, it ain't gonna be me this time, my friend.

if I've said it once, I've said it least a million times,
that I'll be fine....
I'm lying.
Track Name: Rosemary Kennedy
sometimes, even being young and beautiful is not enough to save you.
Track Name: Warlick
I once knew a wizard, he lived right down the hall
never was in his right mind, but he didn't really care at all
nobody could stop him, no, so we just carried on
'til the trashcan burst in flames and the next day he was gone.

he said it's gonna touch you weird,
then it's gonna make you scared
but my friends you need not fear,
'cause the place that I belong is here.

Warlick, come on over, he says "easily"
come on, teach us how to hang

things were good until then, and we all had our fun
but when the trashcan burst in flames,
we were sure that you were done.
didn't think that you'd come back, so I went and wrote this song
Warlick, you're a wizard, and we know you won't be gone long.
Track Name: Foolish Game
a song that I can't seem to play
I just don't have the finger strength
I must admit that I've lost faith
suddenly, my world has changed

things I never got to say,
didn't think it'd be today,
else I would not have delayed.
what a foolish game to play,
but it had to be this way.
there is nothing left to say.

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